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‘FloodFlash’: Instant-Payout Flood Insurance


Choose 'FloodFlash' for your commercial or let property if you're struggling to secure a flood policy, have a large excess or need a bolt-on for your existing policy.

Floodflash provides rapid payout flood insurance to landlords and businesses to ensure you recover quickly from a flood.


Floodflash pays out the full value of the settlement within days of confirming a flood.


No long paperwork or ongoing haggling, Floodflash pays out the agreed amount as soon as the flood is confirmed.


Control your trigger depths and payout values or decrease the premium by introducing safety measures (such as elevating your storage or installing flood defences).

Key Cover

  • Fast payout, *the current record is 9 hours 44 minutes.
  • Versatile trigger levels to ensure the right cover at the best price.
  • Accessible; Floodflash can be used when no flood cover can be obtained, where an increased excess is in place (and the payout covers the excess), where flood cover already exists, but the customer needs a quicker payout.

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