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Block Of Flats Insurance


Block of Flats Insurance is a specialist policy designed for purpose built blocks of flats, often ranging from as little as 10 units up to 000’s of units across multiple blocks.

Designed to meet the needs of different customers, which range from traditional property owners, through to right to manage associations and management companies.

We can also cover multiple blocks and locations on the same policy, so the benefits of our Property Portfolio Insurance products are not lost.

Key Cover

  • Flexible occupancy options
  • Buildings Insurance cover to an unlimited amount
  • Cladding solutions available
  • Full property owners liability available
  • Loss of Rent & Alternative Accommodation solutions available
  • Air BnB/Serviced Accommodation usage supported
  • Flood cover solutions with Floodflash (Click Here >)

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Resources & Guides

Product Guide

PCI Unsafe Cladding Update

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Knowledge Guide

PCI Understanding Buy-To-Let Portfolio Insurance

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Knowledge Guide

PCI Unoccupied Properties Checklist

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