Understanding Landlord Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide for UK Landlords 

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Landlord Insurance: Protecting Your Investment as a UK Landlord 

As a landlord in the UK, safeguarding your property investment is crucial. Landlord insurance, also known as buy-to-let insurance, is designed to cover risks that standard building and contents insurance might overlook. At Protect Commercial, we understand these challenges and offer comprehensive landlord insurance tailored to your needs. 

Why Landlord Insurance? 

A standard Home Insurance policy often proves inadequate for the specific needs of a let property. This is where specialist Landlord Insurance becomes indispensable. Unlike typical home policies, Landlord Insurance is tailored to address the complex challenges faced by property owners in the rental market. It goes beyond covering common risks like floods, fires, burst pipes, and storms. The real value lies in its unique features such as legal expense coverage, compensation for loss of rent, and provision for alternative accommodation in case of emergencies. Importantly, it allows landlords to insure only the furnishings and fixtures they own within the property, excluding personal or tenants’ belongings, ensuring a more focused and appropriate coverage 

  • Standard Cover Features 

Our standard policy includes: 

  • Buildings Insurance: This covers your property’s structure, including the boiler. 
  • Contents Insurance: Opt for new-for-old coverage, which also includes replacement locks. 
  • Property Owners Liability Cover: Starting at £2m, this protects you if you’re sued for property damage or tenant injury. 
  • Additional Features: Glass and sanitary ware, floor coverings, and alternative accommodation costs following an insured event. 

  Not sure what this relates to?  Optional Covers for Enhanced Protection 

Enhance your policy with optional covers: 

  • Landlord Emergency Cover: Rapid response for insured emergencies at your rental property. 
  • Legal Expenses: Defend your legal rights, including repossession and tax protection. 
  • Rent Guarantee: Covers unpaid rent under certain circumstances. 
  • Loss of Rent: Compensates for lost income if your property becomes uninhabitable. 
  • Accidental Damage: Protects against unintentional harm to buildings or contents. 
  • Employers’ Liability: Vital if you employ anyone related to your property. 

Terrorism Cover 

You can extend your policy to include damage caused by acts of terrorism. This cover applies to buildings, contents, and loss of rental income up to your policy’s maximum sum insured. 

Do You Need Landlord Insurance? 

While not legally mandatory, landlord insurance is often required by mortgage lenders. It’s a smart choice to protect your income and investment. 

Policy Documents  

When you obtain a quote, we provide personalised policy documents. These outline your chosen coverage and are accessible anytime through your account. 

FAQs on Landlord Insurance 

1. What type of landlord insurance do I need? 

  • The type depends on your specific property and tenant situation. Buildings, contents, and liability covers are fundamental, with additional options based on your needs. 

2. What if I rent out multiple properties? 

  • We offer tailored policies for multiple properties, ensuring each one is adequately covered. 

3. What is required for a landlord insurance quote? 

  • Information about you, your property and tenant types, as well as desired coverage levels are necessary for an accurate quote. 

4. Is regular home insurance sufficient for rental properties? 

  • Regular home insurance doesn’t cover rental activities. Landlord insurance is specially designed for this purpose. 

5. Does landlord insurance cover loss of rent? 

  • Yes, if you opt for the Loss of Rent cover, you’re protected against income loss due to insured events.  To cover against tenant default a specialist ‘Rent Guarantee’ policy is required 

6. Can I get cover for accidental damage? 

  • Yes, accidental damage cover for buildings and/or contents can be added to your policy. 

7. What does public liability cover include? 

  • It covers legal costs and damages if you’re sued for injury or property damage linked to your rental property. 

8. Is employer’s liability insurance necessary? 

  • If you employ anyone in relation to your property, it’s crucial to have this cover. 

9. Can I add legal expenses cover mid-term? 

  • Policies typically don’t allow mid-term additions, but you can include it at renewal or policy start. 

10. What does landlord emergency cover include? 

  • It includes emergency repairs for insured events, providing immediate assistance to resolve issues at your property. 
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